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Image of Web Page - Floyd Haberkorn
Floyd Haberkorn, Stories

A Website for a Writer (2005)

This Web site is the Internet publication of short stories by the author of "Bloody Bones in the Coal Shed," Floyd Haberkorn.

It features QuickTime audio narration of some of the stories and some great graphics from Floyd's family album. Our idea is to keep the tone similar to Floyd's narrative voice, earthy and warm, while reaching out to loyal fans of Floyd's not-quite-down-to-earth humor and to potential new readers.

Graphic design for Floyd's new audio CD is part of this package as well.

A Meeting of Minds (2004)

The UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center hosts this annual retreat for scientists to share information about their research.

Working with the administrators responsible for organizing the three-day event, I designed and developed this highly interactive online application to support the process of registering participants for the retreat and tracking their information. The 345 Retreat participants registered themselves by creating editable profiles bearing their contact information, professional affiliations, and meal reservations for the retreat. The Web site displayed the names of registered participants, with email links, to facilitate interpersonal networking.

Organizers exported registration information through the Web interface in the form of MS Excel spreadsheet files they could easily work with on their local PCs. A back-end web page also displayed, sorted, and calculated meal reservations for administrative reference.

In addition to the registration process, Retreat participants also submitted poster displays of their research for presentation at the conference. Online users were able to create editable profiles of planned presentations, including descriptive abstracts. Retreat organizers were then able to download those entries, streamed into an RTF file, to print as a program handout for participants at the event.

Image of Web Page - UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center Clinical Trials
Cancer Center Clinical Trials

Research Search (2003)

The UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center conducts clinical trials on a wide range of research questions, from treatment efficacy to patient demographics.

This page on the Cancer Center's public Web site searches the Oracle database that stores information about the various clinical trials available for patient enrollment. I worked with staff from the Clinical Research Support Services, Informatics, and Communications units of the Cancer Center to develop the design specifications for the interface. I implemented the application with Active Server Pages using VBscript. Current version, now PHP, developed after I left the Cancer Center, still uses original UI structure.

Image of Web Page - Hearth Homes Community Building
Hearth Homes

Community Service (2003)

Hearth Homes Community Building is a nonprofit organization in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to developing affordable, barrier-free housing. This is a Web site redesign project I did through a volunteer program at CompuMentor, a Bay Area organization providing technology services to schools and community-based nonprofits.

This site uses PHP scripting, CSS, and is coded to standard for accessibility.

Image of Web Page - Challenging Homophobia
Challenging Homophobia

Teacher Training (1998)

This is a Web-based educational application for intervening against anti-lesbian/gay bias in high school and middle school environments. The training was originally developed in 1994 as a master's degree field study at San Francisco State University, and first published online as a Web-based educational application in 1998.

The design of this site employs CSS for accessibility features such as text-based roll-over navigation links and a table-free page layout. Dual linked stylesheets provide a colorful layout for on-screen browser display and a white background for printed hard copies of the Web site's content.