Duncan Gibbs

Art Projects

Capitol Hill Pride Art Walk, June 2015

"Blues Flag" is a lament over systemic racism and a call for police reform.
It was displayed at Ingersoll Gender Center, representing Gender Diversity
along side other LGBTIQA organizations.

Blues Flag, acrylic mixed media painting featuring empty shoes on background US flag, smoking and smoldering; beyond the flag, Polaris in the night sky.

Open Studio (June 1, 2014)

Every year, 1426 S. Jackson St. Studios, here in Seattle, holds an open house.

In Progress

In the studio, I am experimenting with multidimensional mixed media to explore imagery of the moon and the salmon as mythological icons.

Salmon Ladder

Salmon Ladder [prototype]

Four 12x12" plywood panels assembled in a vertical sequence comprise an image referencing salmon migration and a mystic interpretation of the moon.

In the studio, I projected a photographic image of the moon onto a plywood disk. Using sheet music stained with iridescent, transparent inks in a value scale from light to dark and cut into round disks, or spots, I collaged the patterns of the lunar surface.

Three square panels descend from the disk, linked by silver chains. These are collaged and painted with acrylic to suggest a salmon moving through water.

Click the image to see some snapshots of the process.

Curated Shows

I've curated four exhibits of creative works by members of the transgender community, in conjunction with the annual Gender Odyssey conference, held at the Washington State Convention Center.

Gender Odyssey is an international conference focused on the needs and interests of transgender and gender-nonconforming people. This annual gathering attracts people from all over the world for an uplifting weekend of skill sharing and community in Seattle.

These shows have presented a variety of disciplines and a range of subjects: clothing and jewelery design forging new edges of gender expression; local artists using reclaimed materials and indigenous traditional crafts; video artists from around the country using animation and performance to talk about gender transition, suicide and compulsion; documentary works exploring transgender identity, experience and presentation; works of spiritual reflection.

Gender Diversity Kids Art (2015)

Flickr slideshow

Featuring collaborative projects from the Gender Diversity family support group kids and from the Gender Odyssey Kids Camp. Co-sponsored by Ingersoll Gender Center and displayed at Ingersoll for the August 2015 Capitol Hill Art Walk.
Kids Art 2015


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GO Art Show 2013 South Wall

Life, the Beautiful Struggle (2012)

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GO Art Show 2012 South Wall

We Made This Road by Walking (2011)

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GO Art Show 2011 North Wall